Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Sleep Talk

How often do you think that you are normal and you sleep peacefully? Have you ever wondered what you might be doing during the sleep? Is it only the dream or is it the dramatic you in the dream?

It was yesterday when I was chewing a sweet gum the whole evening. I was busy grinding and rounding my mouth and playing with computer as if the computer is going to disappear any time.

My eyes were so droopy that nothing in the world could stop me from sleeping. Howsoever, Facebook kept me awake for few minutes. After checking my updates and liking few pictures of my friend, I quickly turned off my computer and went to sleep.

Sigh! I was dreaming. Bur hell, someone was shouting at me. Confused and annoyed, I opened my eyes to check if anyone was calling for me. But who could be at this time? It is 4am approximately. I went back to sleep just to be woken up by my room mate and she was telling me to take out the gum. I did. She took it instantly. She looked concerned and at the same time, worried. My dreamy eyes were taking over the scene and I thought of asking about it in the morning and went back to sleep peacefully without further complaints from my roomie.

Sadly, it was in the afternoon, my friend smilingly said, “Yeshi! Yesterday, you were chewing gum in the sleep” I didn’t know what to answer and the only thing it popped out was, “I KNOW” with a more genuine voice. I denied saying I might have been awake. She assured me again, “No, you were chewing gum and later on, you were shouting, CHENCHO LHAM.” The first one, it was fine but the latter had me surprised and felt like laughing out loud. I was scared later.

She was smiling again and I knew, she felt it funny too(That’s what I thought). I suggested, “Oh really?! It must be because I last met with her and even liked few of her pictures in the facebook and directly went to sleep.” I felt foolish for overstating the reason why I must have shouted her name. But this is all I could answer back to my friend because sleep talking is happens to everyone once in a blue moon unless there is a usual sleep talker. It is a big problem then.

Have you guys ever had such unknown and mysterious sleep talk drama and made excuses and felt funny and even scared of/by sleep talk when acknowledged about it by your friends?

P,S, I feel like going back to my high school days, when my roommate use to talk about my sleep talk and I tell about theirs. It was fun teasing about it in the group. Don’t go away from me. It is normal. It happens!


  1. It, too, had happened to me in the past. Funny though! But there'some hint of truthfulness in our "sleep talk". Perhaps we utter what we just underwent before our sleep as you said. Nice one, Yeshi.

    1. Ya, I heard about telling the truth that is deeply hidden and once to be revealed secret.
      It is scary! The only thing is, Be Aware! BUt how can we alert ourselves. I can't afford it.

  2. Thats interesting and it happens. Well, sleep talking is ok, but did you think beyond that? People do walk in sleep, and this would scare any body and it will scare oneself.
    you gotta hear my my strange story how I walked in sleep. :P

    1. It always occurred to me that sleep talking is normal in some circumstances which I may not be true. Normally, the people near us get horrified just like my roommate was.
      So far, I have heard about the sleep walk but I haven't seen anyone that way except in some films. I am all ready to hear it from you. Whoever is walking in the sleep must be having a real dream. It is sometimes scary considering the religious facts.