Monday, June 4, 2012

Miracle Happens

When I say “Miracle”, what strikes your mind? What does miracle mean to you? Miracle can be when something magical happens, more of like a mythical beliefs. People believe in miracles because they know, it happens once in a blue moon. When miracle happens, we just jaw-drop and bulge our eyes out and be surprised. That’s it and later we forget that it happened or may be, we will remember it after months and even after years. That happens!

That is exactly what happened to me yesterday. It was 5’o’clock in the morning. Like any normal person in the world, my eyes were wide open and actively going through news in Kuensel online. While checking my facebook account and I received a message from one of my friends to vote for his article. It was posted in Ashi Jetsun Pema’s page. While I was voting, I confusedly thought, “What the hell is going on in Bhutan? Am I missing any grant opportunity? Talk to me about it. I did not participate in any competition posted online.

After voting, I read others article and all of them were extraordinarily written and I voted for them as well. The feeling of voting and then benefiting someone out of it made me feel happy for him or her. Each click on the vote and it is going to change their life in one way or the other.

I then instantly wanted to Google search Ashi Jetsun Pema and then the magic happened. I saw the Google background amazing and a beautiful one. Call me crazy but I didn’t feel like putting it off because the Google homepage was sparkling so bright. It was Our King and Queen smiling and gracing the People on the way. It was enchanting.

I couldn’t explain the feeling because I didn’t see it before. I didn’t expect to see it. It happened just like that. I didn’t plan to see it. Then, I said to myself, I didn’t really say but I shouted in the room and to my roommate and said, “It is a Miracle”. The fact that my friend got the same happy, smiling and surprising face, it was no wonder I shouted and she didn’t mind it.

Who says we have to pray and wait for the miracle to happen. Miracle happens!
Thank you Google. You made my day!

P,S, If my friend hadn’t asked for the vote, I wouldn’t have gone to Google. If I didn’t go to Google, I wouldn’t have got the beautiful and an amazing picture above.


  1. Really??? but I can see the image posted so I got to agree with you. Yeah, really it seems to be a miracle for YOU because it didnt happen with me any time, unlucky me, :(
    Well, i too saw many post for the same contest but I voted only to few. If it is to be judged my votes and not by contents, its not going to be a fair contest because, the more friend one have on facebook the more votes one can get, thats why I didnt post anything there but written a short Haiku on my blog to wish Her Majesty Happy Birthday.
    Nice read. :D

  2. True! More number of friends in the Facebook equals more number of votes. BUT even if that one person vote for their friend, and if they happen to read others article, they might vote for it. Actually, this is what I did. I voted for other articles that I liked and the one that I found very interesting and informative.

  3. Wow, it's such a lovely shot you found there! :)
    Lucky you and true, miracles do happen!

    1. And I just like your comments :D Thank you!