Monday, October 22, 2012

Pretty Vengeance

Revenge, Season 2 is ON. That means all the serials that I have been impatiently waiting to watch is now in progress and is already stimulating excitement in my nerve.
This serial, REVENGE, has just the right mix of campy comedy and sudsy melodrama, not to mention a narrative excitement that keeps you perched on the edge of your couch cushion or else on your comfy bed. ;)

P,S, I hope you all have something to keep you off the hook with Assignments, Projects and Office Works.

The Revenge Cast!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Respond to Magazine, The Raven

Firstly, I would like to thank one of the passionate Bloggers and teacher, by Profession, Passu Sir for sharing a wonderful post on “The Raven Spreads its Wings in Wangdue” few days ago. As much as he loves blogging and sharing his leisure time with the readers, I fervently enjoy reading his post.

The Magazine, The Raven is reasonably one of the best and the most interesting Bhutanese Magazine I have read so far. I don’t know if I am rather hyped about this magazine, but I will say, it is worth a magazine to be hyped. It focuses on the issue of social and political conflicts by demanding a change in the society. I think, this magazine will help people at large to stop gossiping of the news announced in BBS, and published in Kuensel, and instead put this gossiped conversation to practice, to action by people themselves.

As The Raven continues to cover its issue from Countryside to Urban settlement, this 76 pages of news took me from countryside Mongar, chali, to the law corner (about the bill), to witnessing a family conflict (not new to me), to faraway Istanbul, and towards understanding bits of difficulties faced by every citizen in Bhutan.

It beautifully recognises the challenges of youth gladly turning to an absolute rewarding individual as a sister to her child-like brother. This story really inspired me to stay where I belong and love the person you are suppose to. God Bless the Family.

As living away from my home country, I have read news online, so the news reflected in The Raven about domestic violence and Pedestrian Day didn’t surprise me at all. This common concern is carefully put into display for the readers making it more believable with a depth analysis of the issue.

As accurate as it may seem, the glimpse into statistic demonstrated in the magazine had me think about the way we live our life. Sometimes, it’s not by chance that we live our life but it’s by choice that we want to live our life because there is no other happy alternative to life. There is no happy ending as it would be in movies, and fairy tales. We, people really need to change the way we live. If we can’t change then let’s change the situation we are in.

This brilliant magazine clearly represents Bhutan as having a quality of its own, and continuing to live the world as it is. It favors the reader to appreciate the beauty of magazine and the contents that follows. I hope The Raven fulfills to nourish people by addressing the existing socio-political changes and help people cope up with the changes accordingly.

Lastly, I hope it will continue to inspire the readers, the audience and the viewers with its publishing quality and start bringing A CHANGE in every young minds of the youth and the Adults.