Wednesday, October 19, 2011

She made a memory out of him

I was looking down the road through the porch The street lights were shining Vehicles were passing on a busy evening Then I came across you You were waiting near the traffic lights You were carrying a bouquets of flowers I saw your face excited, nervous, and happy I wondered if it was to impress someone you know As I gazed, your innocent and excited face started to dissappear A fear crossed my mind, 'What made you frown?' Then I knew you were looking at a man already gone He was with another woman in the road You see her arms locked in hers What kind of heart doesn't break in such awkward moment! Then I silently whispered, "What a disgrace!' You were waiting to surprise your arrival at home Who knew, he was going to turn you off this way He moved you from his heart A vision is all you see now like a statue of past a part of history She indeed made a memory out of him A memory she will ever forget for life And a moment, I never want to go through. P.S, The story is purely fictitious and it is just my thoughts on how life can really cheat us knowingly.