Tuesday, October 22, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 7

Noooo, I am not late this time. I was busy.

Here are my few favourite things that I love;

61. PICNIC Chocolate Bar; I am totally obsessed with this chocolate Bar. Luckily, the chocolate is on special price for $1 in COLES (One of the grocery stores). I got bunch of it before the price goes up. HURRAYYYYYYYY! Time for Treat!

62. Clutch Bag; My absolute favourite although I get very less occasion to carry it off.

63. Flat Shoes; Because it is comfortable. I remember the time when I use to get this 'GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY" to buy shoes during my teenage times (God, this is making me feel so old)....anyways, I always go to the flat shoe area and my sister would tell me, "Yeshi, why are you not buying heels?" I just smile and get the flat one anyways. Who cares!!!

64. Pink Passion; I don't want to admit this but I want to say it. I LOVE PINK. I realised that most of the accessories I have are Pink- Pink lapie cover case, pink bath robe, pink quilt, pink bag, pink lip liner, pink mobile cover, pink.....etc and it goes.

65. Touchy phone; I like the touch screen phone. Not because it is fancy (it is fancy) but because the text messaging is faster and quicker as compared to other phones. So yeah, I prefer to keep my old iphone and keep using it wisely.

66. Yoga; I am not a sport person or someone who would do exercise that sincerely. These days, I have become a morning person and can't sleep properly so I started this routine (I am not regular though) doing some basic yoga that I learned from going to one of the activity organised by University for the students. I Feel Good!!!

67. Petrol and Kerosene- I love the smell of it. It is addictive for sure.

68. Action packed Films; I love action films. I love Romantics too. Well, I am an "All Genre Movie" type except for the extreme graphic ones.

69. Tooth Pick; This is my recent favourite I like to take with me wherever I go. My half-broken wisdom tooth always take in a bit of what I have and I get the worst pain then. So that's when I make use of the toothpick and I love the company of it now.

70. ________________; I love to give myself a time to feel the moment I am in.