Tuesday, October 22, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 7

Noooo, I am not late this time. I was busy.

Here are my few favourite things that I love;

61. PICNIC Chocolate Bar; I am totally obsessed with this chocolate Bar. Luckily, the chocolate is on special price for $1 in COLES (One of the grocery stores). I got bunch of it before the price goes up. HURRAYYYYYYYY! Time for Treat!

62. Clutch Bag; My absolute favourite although I get very less occasion to carry it off.

63. Flat Shoes; Because it is comfortable. I remember the time when I use to get this 'GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY" to buy shoes during my teenage times (God, this is making me feel so old)....anyways, I always go to the flat shoe area and my sister would tell me, "Yeshi, why are you not buying heels?" I just smile and get the flat one anyways. Who cares!!!

64. Pink Passion; I don't want to admit this but I want to say it. I LOVE PINK. I realised that most of the accessories I have are Pink- Pink lapie cover case, pink bath robe, pink quilt, pink bag, pink lip liner, pink mobile cover, pink.....etc and it goes.

65. Touchy phone; I like the touch screen phone. Not because it is fancy (it is fancy) but because the text messaging is faster and quicker as compared to other phones. So yeah, I prefer to keep my old iphone and keep using it wisely.

66. Yoga; I am not a sport person or someone who would do exercise that sincerely. These days, I have become a morning person and can't sleep properly so I started this routine (I am not regular though) doing some basic yoga that I learned from going to one of the activity organised by University for the students. I Feel Good!!!

67. Petrol and Kerosene- I love the smell of it. It is addictive for sure.

68. Action packed Films; I love action films. I love Romantics too. Well, I am an "All Genre Movie" type except for the extreme graphic ones.

69. Tooth Pick; This is my recent favourite I like to take with me wherever I go. My half-broken wisdom tooth always take in a bit of what I have and I get the worst pain then. So that's when I make use of the toothpick and I love the company of it now.

70. ________________; I love to give myself a time to feel the moment I am in.


  1. Sheesh....Why did you do this post Yeshi? Kidding. You remind me that I'm late for the second last post in the series lol...which I thought I will come up today. I know I know I'm late, been busyyyyyyy.....sneaking up from work to read your post here now. wink..

    Totally agree, nothing can beat the comfort of flats. And No.70....there's something about it, I love it though.

    Way to go, keep posting woman.

  2. Haha..you love the smell of petrol and kerosene? Then better you work somewhere near some oil depot.

    1. Actually, there is a petrol pump station near my house, so whenever I pass by, I wait for few seconds to enjoy the aroma ;)