Wednesday, November 6, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 8

Oh my God! Yet another late post on my blog. I can never stop writing 'late' everytime I visit my page. Sorry!!!

71. Body- I meant the "The Body Shop". It is one of the stores that sells massive home wear outfit, nighties and Lingeries. I don't know why but lately, I have been passing by the stores to check on the new arrivals. It is fun even though you buy it so rarely. This is because you don't need homewears that much. Right? :D

72. Reading Crime stories- I just love it.

73. Nature- I enjoy nature. Many people do :)

74. Outfit matchings- This is silly but I love to scan people's outfit in the crowd. It is fun to watch how they have paired up their clothes. But honestly, I don't follow their style. I just love to scan them. It is fun. It is fun. And it is fun.

75. The nude color- It is natural and sexy.

76. Photo Frames- Ever since, ever since my childhood days, I have always cherished the different designs of Photo Frames. It is beautiful.

77. Scribble on someone's face- I am sure everyone has drawn a picture on the photos you see on your books, or magazines or Dairies. Doesn't that give you a power to change their emotions? Haha. I love making caricatures on them and later, just enjoy the creativity :)

78. The dog and the master- The dogs in here are very human like. When you look at the dog, they will turn on their face like you are the stranger and I have my owner somewhere near me. I love to see the relationship they have in between. They look after the dog like it's their baby. They are also legally named and is given a proper buriel unlike in Bhutan where we don't do that. Ahem! May be some do but I haven't seen anyone doing it.

79. startling someone- HaH! It's the greatest fun of all dont you think?!!!

80. Shakam-ezay- Yum yum yum!!! My favorite!