Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Omar Dean

Omar Dean is my man. I mean, my man from the X-factor, Australia.

When he first auditioned for the show, he took my heart away. Dean stated that his "own desire and passion" and encouragement from family and friends inspired him to audition. At the age of 15, Dean was bullied at school for being overweight.

He turned to music to cope with the bullying.

He sang ths song, “The Climax” by Usher. I must say, he sang it so beautiful.

Luckily, from among thousands of contestants, he got “4 yes’s” from the judge and got through the audition and boot camp. I was happy for him. More than ever!

Although, he didn't got through for the final, although he isn't the Winner, he will be Winner for me. Currently, he is now touring the country and doing what he loves to do. That is Singing. I wish him a successful career ahead.

p,s, He has a killer smile.

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