Saturday, February 2, 2013

In Darkness

With heartbreak and sad sighs,
Days felt like weeks and week’s months
The fever I stumbled upon
Doubled the pain I was in

I waited in the dark
Trying to figure out my life
I kept the distance
Created a space that was still too close to me

I was thinking of you dearly
I was looking for a place
I was looking for a face
As nothing was going right

I wished for you to come to me
To take me to the lights
But not a single leaves fluttered
My heart carried nothing but Grief

I cried in silent
I wished you were here
To take me somewhere
I don’t know where
But I wanted to be in your arms
Holding each others hand
Telling me everything will be fine

I opened my eyes
The shelter broke
There was no, “YOU” and tears fell
I cried and sobbed
And I gave up on you
You failed me completely.


  1. Back again with broken heart?..:P
    Nice it

  2. haha. Yes but I am healing :D
    Thank you!

  3. You should become a lyricist. If you sing, give it a flow. Try it. I would say Great Song.

    1. Well, I am not a good lyricist. But thanks Nobu Sir.
      I will let someone sing it for me :D

  4. A lovely poem, narrated with heart in it. Dark and dreary, yet touching and true. I loved it.

    1. Yes Rikku Sir. Couldn't be more happier writing my heart on it ^^

  5. practical experience will spoke more then words when it come to such circumstances,its more painful then ...... i felt sori for you yeshi but i am confident that you are strong women to control your emotional and being left forlornly!!! be happy !!

    1. Very true. Don't feel sorry for me. I am happy now.

  6. Sad but a nice poem, Yeshi. Is it just a creative writing or are you sharing your real life experience here? If it is real, I would like to wish you prompt recovery from the heartbreak you had. I know how it feels. :P

    1. Langa. Thank you. Let it be a creative one because life is such a creative artistic that you just can't deny it and you have to experience it one or the other ~

  7. that is a beautiful poem :)