Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Mall Adventure

It was late afternoon when I and my mate kezang who is going to Bhutan after two and a half years decided to go to shopping. Indeed, it was her big day to the mall after a month of stress from Assignments and Exams. Both of us needed to inhale the refreshment of the mall or else say, a walk to a restaurant and treat ourselves a delicious meal. This will make us more energetic to roam the place. Anyways, we were more excited about the mall which we haven’t been to for almost a month. It’s time for shopping and we can buy whatever we can afford to. Sadly, if we are to try a dress on, they will be not for us but for the families. Kezang has already scheduled the gifts for her brother. That was sweet and quick not to waster her time in the mall and stare like a lost girl in the crowds. I was extremely feeling “Wow” when she bought a play station for her little brother and this play station is what he wanted and kezang, as always never felt to make others happy. She is my best roommate ever and I like her so much for her kindness and her truth the most.

The windows of the store were decorative and inviting because wherever we passed by, there was one big word SALE SALE SALE. As small as a kid , we went inside the store with a determination to find a suitable outfit. Me and Kezang did three rounds, checked and tried some clothes too. Kezang got her choice and me, nothing.Then I said, “fine kezang, today is not my day and I am sorry to myself because I came with you and I am not getting anything unlike other days ”. Nothing to get serious about in as I was teasing trying to bring out a smile on both of us after the tiring rounds in the same place.

We were so attentive not to waster our time and enter every stores possible. We went to the ‘Gloss’ where we get make-up items, then to ‘Chicabooti’, one of Bhutanese favourite store, to the ‘Cotton On” , to the ‘Strand Bags’, to ‘Jay Jays’ and then finally to ‘Ruby’, a shoe store.

It was so much fun browsing all the stocks and even dared to try the outfits that were unfit for us. If we try flabby clothes, we are sure going to look like one of the confused and haphazard joker in the circus playing a trick in which we never learned. So it is always better we wear the clothes that is intended for us. Well, it was a lesson for me in this cold and freezy weather.

I must confess I had fun doing the shopping race on her day. I didn’t want to skip the shops I used to go to so practically, I wasted half of her time and then we rushed and chased in the mall to visit one and another shops that we almost dropped of other people’s shopping bag. That was unintentional and unusual for us so we were sincerely sorry for it. People are nice hat they just smiled us back and went away. Thank God! Perhaps, it is a good day without having to see an ignorant and furious faces of the people at happy times. I had my share of buying earrings, perfumes, key hangers and finally a rare combination of what I bought in the earlier hours, a toothpaste for myself. Sometimes, I was lost gazing at those beautiful wedding dress which I will never wear but hoping to wear in my dreams once.

We really had a tiring walks and race that my toe started to hurt. Specifically, we had a Bhutanese gathering the earlier day and if I am not mistaken, I was reminded the next day that I danced hell that made me hurt my toe terribly. After few heavy hours of shopping, I waited outside the mall to enjoy the occasional sun with the rest of the things hanging around me. While I was impatiently waiting for Kezang’s return, I observed a queer guy standing right next to me. He was totally Aussie and I felt like he is going to snatch the shopping bags near me. Seriously, I felt so insecure for the first of my stay in Wollongong carrying whole bunch of filled plastic bags. So I laid actively on my seat and I was alert with my restless shoulder hanging down and a droopy eyes. Howsoever, the mysterious guy disappeared when Kezang reached to me so I felt bit odd on my part to that guy for leaving unnoticed. All in all,the was fun, tiring, scary, excited and not believing the fact that Kezang will be in Bhutan soon while we are laying lazily on our bed.