Friday, October 4, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 6

Oh. Dang it! I'm little late!

Anyways! The beautiful Spring is On and I am loving the atmosphere. So with this new weather, I thought why not I blossom too with new love and likes.

51. Vegetable Juice- Earlier, I had this fantasy of wanting to drink green juice but never had an idea on how to make it. Now that I know, I feel totally awesome. The vegetable juice is healthy and nutritious although it is not that pretty enough at the start to drink the juice. Gradually, you develop the habit of drinking it and you like it.

For my vegetable juice, I blend in handful of Baby Spinach, 2-3 piece of Broccoli, 2 carrots and water/ice cubes/milk (as per your preference. Serve it Fresh.

52. Fruit Smoothies- Well, I love fruits. After following the routine of drinking the vegetable juice, I wanted to try something other for this Hot Spring Day :D

53. Mango Lassi- Can I say, "I have a Sinus problem but I don't care?" Hah! I am kidding. I do care about my health but I love drinking Lassi too. I knew it very late that Yogurt affects the Sinusitis and stopped having too much of yogurt which is my absolute favourite of all times. I treat myself occasionally though!!!

54. Scrap Books- I love to maintain a scrap book.

55. Dumpling- <3 56. Cry- This is unusually usual. It let my emotions out and frees the sad part of me from me. That's why I like to say, Crying is freedom.

57. Sugar cubes- Hah! I love it.

58. Mango- My favorite fruit of all the Fruits in this world :)

59. Zoo- I love Animals - with some exceptions. I am not attracted to Reptiles.

60. Miranda Kerr- I am straight. But I love her. That's one reason why I started to drink the vegetable juice. She inspires me to be a healthy woman. There are many other reasons but let's not go into that...


  1. There's so much common likes between us in this post. I heart veg juice and fruit smoothies, so healthy mmnnnn.... Mango happens to be my favorite fruit too and I heart yogurt as well, plus I've sinusitis and I know I should refrain from diary products...but shoot me...hahaha

    Way to go girl! Cheers...

    1. Oh wow, what a coincidence! I mean, Seriously?!!!
      Take care of your self. Only we know what this feels like and yet we live such a normal life. You know...Having it all :)