Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Online Shopping

Human want never ceases and in a flick of time, our want keeps increasing like it is meant to happen.

Lately, I have been browsing some online shopping site. It all happened while I was checking my yahoo account and got a mail from e-bay advertising different online shopping address.

Sigh! It was tempting. Just one click and I am in the e-bay homepage to which I came across too many beautiful dresses being displayed. I quickly checked the sale corner and I bet the dress were exotic and attractive.

E-bay sells all range of clothing line, electronics, house-ware and lots more. Customers visit this site because they buy things at a very reasonable price. I was helpless.

It is girl’s thing that when they see, they want it. They want it because they know they have been waiting for it. So, without having to think about the dress (Casual Tops), I continued to shop online.

My purse wasn’t empty yet. But the way, I got clicking into one to another beautiful shirts, it was an unforgettable addiction. Howsoever, I am glad I did this online shopping because it saved my travelling cost. The fact that I bought it at the reasonable price, it was worth it.

The above displayed picture is some of my favorites that I just couldn’t help owning one. I am now waiting for it to reach my place.


  1. OMG OMG Yeesi, they are simply superb! And I am drooling with jealousy
    When can we have our own online shopping in BHUTAN??? Sigh!
    I loved all of your purchase. When it reaches you, you should upload your pics wearing them here.

    1. I know! If it was you, I would have felt the same but hey, we get beautiful dress in Bhutan too.
      Well, to be clear, I am not a fashion freak but I am just a dying fan of such casual tops.
      I I will definitely post the pictures with original model (ME) ;)
      I hope I look as awesome as those model in the picture. Haha!

  2. I thought it was you in the picture...
    Our PM told was not to waste money and there you are lavishing on eBay, just hold on for a while and do your buying and selling on bBay once you are in

    1. Passu Sir, I will take it as a compliment. (I wish it was me though)
      As for the money spending, I think I have saved money than buying the expensive ones from nearby stores. The thing is I didn't wanted the clothes but I needed those clothes. I am tired of wearing the old ones. It is faded. lol but yeah, they are lying colourless in the closet.
      Hmmm, I am excited to know what Bbay has in store for girls. I don't buy cars and I don't buy laptops. I want to buy small stuffs only. :D

  3. Yeah, online shopping are really comfortable and friendly. They not only provides us at a reasonable rate but drop the goods at our door step. Payment is not a problem as they accept cash on delivery, so we have lots of advantages. I hv been purchasing books and other accessories from flipkart for quite sometime and am enjoying reading novels haphazardly.:P,
    You should have uploaded your own photoes with the beautiful dresses u bought, lol.

    1. I second you Lethro! The great thing is we can pay online through Visa Credit Card. Since we don't have to pay by cash, we don't realise how much money is spent on each stuffs.
      Leo, I will upload it after one month. That is exactly when my clothes will reach home.
      About the books, I did buy couple of books online too. Since I am a great of "The Ellen Degeneres Show", I ordered her books and it was amazing and it still is. :D
      Thanks for dropping by!

  4. I love the stuff you've bought!!!
    Do put up pictures wearing it after you get it, tub? :)