Saturday, September 21, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 5

41. Nail Polish- I love to collect new colours.

42. Pink- Pink is my favourite colour. Most of the things that I own are in pink colour, followed by the leopard prints :)

43. New Recipes- I love to make note of new recipes that comes my way even though the availability of recipes in Bhutan is limited.

44. Mirror- The must have in every ones room :D

45. Koala- I swear it is the cutest animal in the planet.

46. Photo Booth snap shot- It's fun after all.

47. Chana- Yeah, my top most wanted from the wet canteen. I love Chana.

48. Botanic Garden- <3

49. Punjabi language- The sexiest Language. I love it.

50. Facebook- No comments!!!


  1. haha Punjabi language the sexiest?..I find it most irritating..:)

    1. Lol. Sorry guys. That's my thought on it. There are other languages that I thing is sexy and Punjabi is one of them :)