Sunday, April 8, 2012

Good Friday

Good Friday is a religious, and is national holiday in Australia. All Christians commemorate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

This year, Good Friday was on 6th of April. All the shops and liquor store remained close on Friday except for the few Asian Stores.

We proudly take Good Friday as a holiday, a break from Uni work and we prefer to stay at home. While some have a friends or family gathering at the beach or at home to spend their holidays.

Good Friday is a busy day for Christians because they have a family gathering. The Christian family goes to attend the ceremonies to mourn the death of Jesus Christ in the Church. They spend their day with a purpose.Good Friday equals a dry day for us. If we go out for fun then it is like going to school on holiday.

Howsoever, such holidays breaks our heart because we miss Bhutan and we miss our family and friends in Bhutan.

This year, we didn't wanted to waste our day and we headed to the beach. It was fun because we saw lots of people on the beach;family, friends, couple, students, and children's. The day went perfectly.

How ironical! We planned a girls night out and the club was closed. Good friday is all about Celebration and out of excitement, we forgot Good Friday. It was a huge disappointment but an ignorance of the day crossed our mind. We were really into fun mood because we are on break.

This year, Good Friday was certainly a fun experience. It was a fun holiday and not a holy holiday for us.

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