Wednesday, April 4, 2012

For My Dear Coffee

You are sitting in front of me
And beside my computer
Sneaking at me to drink you more
I smile at you and sip you in
I feel Great!

You look black and brown and sour
I say, "I hate you, you take me to the loo."
But the hatred don't last for long,
I still gulp you a minute later
You make me feel fun and loving

You appear bold and rebellious
You leave my tongue,thick and brown
Keeping my brain awake
And thoughts flowing
You are thrilling and energetic

Every evening, I take a cup of you
I am filled with joy
Because,you warm my cold heart
You fill my thirst
You join my soul

You let me jump with love
Sometimes, snore to the earliest
With the warm blanket over me
While you stay near me on the table
Watching me sleep,
You are my company
My Sour Coffee,I Love You!


  1. Woa! Your coffee must be impressed!

    Nice way of portraying.

    P.s.: enjoy the coffee

  2. Your post made my mouth water - yearning for a cup of coffee now!
    Will get my cup & read the other posts :)
    ~Coffee, hear I come *slurpp*

  3. @kushal, Coffee impresses me more :)

    @Sweta, You really need to be friendly with coffee. It just fills us :D
    Enjoy the Coffee :D