Sunday, April 1, 2012

1st day of April

Today's day was as normal as any other days; waking up, washing my face, eating breakfast and arranging my bed. Except for the fact that today is Sunday and I am happily in front of my computer. After few minutes, I hear my room mate,busy listening to Adele's music, "Rolling in the Deep" and singing a chorus to it again. She made our room alive and I made it livelier by putting Pitbull's playlist later.

The day was blue, warm and fine. Even if today's day was normal, the feeling was different. It was 1st day of April, Guys. The thought of getting fooled by friends never slipped through my mind and I constantly reminded myself that I will neither fool any of my friends here and afar and nor will I fool them. It is one to one man show. Don't fool and don't get fooled.

The day passed by so dull and boring. I don't know if my friends were lazy enough, but no one really seemed taking interested about today. It was just me excited about it and nothing really gloomed today's day. For once, I thought, whether they were as idle as like they are the present. My thought continued...Well, my job was to stay alert and I did it despite knowing that nothing scarey happened.

I did try to make one of my friend fool at 1 am (My time) to Bhutan. That means, it is already 1st of April at my place even though there is 5 hours difference between us. That would mean it was 8:00pm in Bhutan.

Biting half of my lips, I said, "I am in Bhutan and I am at Paro. If you want to meet me, let me know. I will be at my friends place". I eagerly waited for her queer respond and I couldn't laugh at myself for creating such a hoarse voice. I wanted to know whether she got my serious joke and taking it seriously.

I waited for her reply and I sensed her giggling about it and then she laughed and said, "Oh really? I know your phone number and it is the same number you always use to call me. From abroad".

I smiled at myself and this time with a more serious tone, I told her again, "I am at Paro for real, if you don't want to meet me then fine, forget what I just told you" I silenced myself to hear her tell me something extraordinary. Both of us didn't speak for a second.

I didn't give up. I was searching for another lie to pile up on her and make her fool but I couldn't. Then I knew how much a good thinker I am at this wrong time because I couldn't think of any appropriate lie and make her believe that I meant my words. Anyways, later on she caught my lie and I burst out.

I am not good at cracking funny jokes but I can really be a funny girl laughing at my own jokes too and that's why friends forget to laugh and they don't seem to take it as a joke only. So, I surrendered to her and I shouted, "APRIL FOOL" and wondering, I have not disturbed my neighbors.

I know, I know. I didn't make her fool but I at least tried it. In school, I would have simply made her believe me by making her tighten up her already laced up lace. I missed her and I still miss her. But this time, I failed because my lie was so open, close and a predictable one. I miss being close to her and then cracking about 1st April of the month.

My 1st day of April passed this way except for the extreme different feeling; missing my high school days. We are not that fun anymore. But my 1am experience was an interesting and an unforgettable one.

P,S, This might be one among so many reasons why younger ones gets bored staying with the elders. I guess so.

By the way, the day was gloomy, rainy and thundering. So, today was cold and my friend didn't listen to Adele's song. Most of such special occasions ends by 1pm on that particular day. Actually, my room mate was tuning to Adele's song in the evening only. EVERYONE, HAPPY APRIL FOOLS DAY!!!
Not to forget, the calling part is true!


  1. Haha. Awesome post! You fooled us, eh? I thought the events you mentioned were true and read them seriously and in the closing lines, all you say is April Fool. lol Anyways, it was a nice reading. Keep posting.

    1. Fooled? Then I am very very happy Prince.

  2. Great, You fooled to be fooled oneself ah. Interesting read.

  3. Kewl! So just when I was about to feel pity that you weren't able to fool your friend... You fooled me!

    Lol. Nice one!

    And yeah.. Life changes a lot after school I guess. Things we used to enjoy the most are suddenly termed as stupid.
    And things we never paid any attention to (like money, job, etc.) Become important!

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    2. Liked the line , "Things we used to enjoy the most are suddenly termed as stupid"
      I know I have enjoyed a lot and in some way, I have really really enjoyed it. I am hoping all of that was not a stupid thing.
      it sure was a rewarding one :) but your sentence make a whole lot of a sense because it is true.

      Thanks for visiting my blog Kushal.