Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Dream

There is a time where you feel completely helpless and worthless living in this world. Frustration crosses your mind and you urge yourself to some entertainments so that you can forget and ease the unhappy moments in your life. You go out with friends, you try talking to friends nearby and you even join the crowd. You are physically interacting with the surrounding but the mentality remains the same. The noise and the crowds leave you behind and you are in your exhausted and idle world again.

As the evening approaches, your mind become too dull to think about yesterday because you don’t want to think of it. You exactly know what tomorrow is going to be - yet another disaster day with all those random feeling of being valueless running back to you. There is no one you can shoulder your emotions and feelings no matter how hard you try to balance by being ok when are not.

Here comes the night, a night to yourself and you can lay your body and rest your brains, mind and heart to peace. Then as a willingly submit myself to sleep, I dreamed a dream where I was the hero (as expected) with too many a follower behind me. With the arm shields and iron clothes and the fierce look on our face, I knew we were going to fight a battle. As their commander, as loud as I could, told them to come with a victory to which they did. But me, in a different world as it is a dream, I was somewhere sucked in the mud with a group of tourist and I am deadened to the situation and woke up with a frowning face and laughed at myself. Being the hero first and getting laid on a marshland later had me smiled for a while.It was a funny experience.

That little laugh, a matter of seconds’ moment, brought me back to live a happy life. It was all of a sudden I cared to think about my life. My feelings were active. My eyes blinking to see the beautiful world in front of me. My joy knew no bound here and I know, only I can really feel the freedom after breaking out from a laced chain.

Even though I am not a hero in this real world,I know I can be the hero of my own and then prove to be one. Just like the followers and tourist in the dream, I know there are people in this real world where I can seek help from and renew my life all over again. At this point I know a little effort will perhaps make my present life a beautiful one to live in.

It may be a dream but dream can change your life and heighten the way you view your world positively and encouragingly. So friends, Stay strong and be confident about yourself. Thing changes and if it doesn't then patience is all it takes to overcome the disasters.


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  2. Agreed!

    The first part made me feel like... "oh! So m not the only one"
    And the explanation was exact!

    I hope you live your dreams.

  3. oye thought im only one...thumps up nadu!