Monday, March 19, 2012

Life in trouble

As a student, an early to bed and early to rise is one of the inspirations that keep you fresh, active and healthy all day long. But the saying also becomes a mockery when you stop following it. Who doesn’t want to tie a knot with positive thoughts? It is a wish that every person wants to work out things the right way in their life. It however doesn’t happen the way it should and trouble starts to knock you when you are in the wrong direction. But then you can’t do anything about it as well. This is life, a life filled with happiness and agonies.

It is NOW that I happily stay late because facebook won’t let me go and sadly wake up early because I have a lecture to attend and I don’t want to miss it.
At one point, life is so much about enjoying yourself to a new level with social networking site despite the friends who is near cheers you up. You go with your friends; watch a movie, take a walk in the beach, go to clubbing, and go for shopping, do the cooking and etc all together. Then, you have friends online who listens to you while you are sharing the happenings. You can exaggerate about everything that is happening around and you know how girls’ conversation never stops. Once we start talking about one thing, we prolong the conversation and add on another topic to gossip. Isn’t this fun? Totally, it is fun.

At another point, your life is a complete misery. The massive time spent on the social net working site starts worrying you. Because you have an unfinished work that patiently waits for you to complete it without delay. As a result, tension starts to occupy you and it continues until you make it through. It doesn’t matter whether you have done correctly or not, the aim is to finish it. This is funny! The tension is not over yet. You start worrying later because you have no idea what you have written in the paper. Isn’t life such a trouble? Did I not just blame ‘life’? I think you are to be blamed for it and not life. When I am in trouble, so is my life.

On reading the news about Rupee Crunch, it was in a flick I couldn’t believe my eyes. Upon hearing about the murders and criminals from my friends, I went berserk. On seeing the unemployed graduates, I honestly felt useless studying so hard for the job. On keeping up to date about Bhutan, I am unsure about how I am going to live my life. Being a student and hearing all of it, is such a load of news to take in.

Folks, it’s time you understand the duality of life and live by understanding the limitations inside your life. Whether your life is submerged in the mud or whether you are high up the sky, you are going to suffer the living.
The short and simple example above is going to help me live my life a little better. Self consolation works!!!


  1. A meditative post! It's always wise to reflect or contemplate on daily activities and about our life. It makes us thoughtful, responsible, stronger and happier. Good post, love to read more from you!

  2. Too many thoughts running into my mind and I couldn't express any good here.
    Thank you for the visit!