Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Update

It is been more than a month I did not post an article. My dashboard looks sad and empty. Delay is the deadliest form of denial. I fulfilled it. But you are already seeing some of my colourful picture so here are my few updates:

At the mall- farewell dinner from my long time gone friend who is now in Bhutan. I miss home.Someone rightly said, "Home is where your heart is" Thinking about home is addictive by knowing the fact that I still have a long way to go.

Joining Ugyen for Drinks and celebrating the end of Autumn session, 2012. I am 18+ and now 20+. Oh yes, I am counting my age. I said, "I want to stop drinking" and I didn't. I am wondering at what age should I stop drinking or may be at what moment, at what time,and on which day. I am glad, I didn't promise anyone about it. I think I will stop when I want to. I sound so 'an alcoholic' person. Anyways!

At Sydney. A Night out in blow. The weather was cold and windy. This is what I call a "Self torturing", "Self Punishing", and at last, self agreeing to all these calamities. Life is fun in tragic and the best part is, we come out of it , learn from it and repeat it if you think you should, if not move forward. I am bad in giving advice. But the choice is yours. Do what's best for you. It's all we care in the world.

Visited one of the oldest Art Museum in Sydney. I almost crushed inside looking for my friend who was walking faster than me while I was busy jaw dropping my mouth and staring at pictures and other beautiful Arts. Honestly?I shouldn't have come here with my Mathematician friend in the first place. She sure was bored. I felt bad for her though. But she was fun later.

Watching 'Gossip Girl'
It is Fun

In the mean time, I am face booking. It is always my favourite pass time or else say, "the must to do" every morning, every lunch, every evening or even in between? Facebook is such a drag. I hate to log in but I love to log in.

I am busy tuning to recent Dzongkha songs. It is a juvenile voice singing love songs. They are melodious. A weird thing happened here. I cried my eyes out because the lyrics resembled with my life (My Love life?). I continued listening and the time extended till evening. I will never forget the day.

I am watching movies. Black and White Hindi movie was the best. I enjoyed reminiscing my old times watching with my families.

The last thing is, I AM MISSING HOME. With all the above memories of going out and playing with technologies, life is still empty without your families. Ask me about it! But coming to this blog, I rejoice reading updates of you all. I get to meet with Bhutanese friends and elders. I get to know your life. I get to share mine. What more can I ask from this Blog?!!! I love you all. I have a whole big family here too. :)

P,S, My one month holiday ends today and University Disaster starts from tomorrow morning. Have a Great Life Everyone!


  1. Good luck Yessi. Think each single day as gift of once-in-in-lifetime and Enjoy. I am not good in giving advice either. so all the best for everything ahead..


    1. I wish you the best with whatever you are doing.
      Thank you PSN :)

  2. It seems You had a wonderful vacation. N for the coming days, I wish you all the best. Hope your new semester will be more fun and a great learning journey. Like this Up Date, keep updating. :D

    1. Yah, I had a good time rolling in and out of my place with friends here.
      Thank you for the Wishes. I hope you fulfil what's on your mind.
      Take care!

    2. Good excuse! But you had a wonderful vacation, that's very good good. NICE POST.

    3. Thanks!
      And Ya, it was hell of a vacation I will never forget. :)

  3. Ich wünsche einen schönen Sonntag!

    Lieben Gruß aus Deutschland

  4. Thanks you came with an beautiful update finally with awesome pictures and something about your holiday. Nice post. Sad to know that the holiday has come to an end but it has to happen, right? LOL Otherwise, we never realize that we are in the university or college to study. Kidding. Keep posting. Happy classes! :)

    1. Yah, I am always happy to share about me and my life. Classes just started, so I hope it goes well only.
      Thanks for visiting my blog. :D