Saturday, October 8, 2011

Heart Broken

I walked to the garden and sat on a tree nearby,
I see the place unattended and quite,
I was tired and I sought a pleasure to feel alive again,
Then, a cool breeze ran on my body,
And my heart was with you
I wished for your arms to hold me tight,
A shoulder to rest upon,
A sweet love to exchange,
But where are you?
You were the best companion I had
You pulled me from the grave and stood me on the hill
When I was afraid, you made me still
You were the strength to me, you kept me going,
You once told me, “You are everything to me”
I smiled and cherished the words,
I closed my eyes and saw you disappear away in the clouds,
I will never be the same,
Every breathe I take is going to be different
To live for myself because you are now gone forever,
Every good thing has an end but why didn't you leave me a goodbye end?
So lost in thoughts, I wondered in the garden
Gazed at the autumn leaves; sad and withered on the ground
But it gave me joy; it decorated the garden so bright and yellow
A wilted wishes to born again
And so am I:
A hope to begin a new life, a change to make within.


  1. The feelings you have mentioned are poignant!
    If this is not fiction ... I hope you feel alive again soon!

  2. Thank you. It is "once upon a time" felt sensation. Life is not always beautiful.

  3. Take it easy,,,,,,anyways a touching poem indeed...

  4. A touching yet beautiful poem. Thoroughly enjoyed reading every line of it. :) keep posting.

  5. Enjoyed reading your article, it is touching. The broken heart can be mended so move on..... wish you best for your new life. Keep posting.

  6. Hey yeesi...hope you are doing fine....very influencing poem...leave it to time to care of it!!!

  7. there's always more....:)

  8. Hey Yeesi...the poem is really romantic, sad and sensational. I can see John Keats, Pb Shelly and many more in You. Keep writing.

  9. The poem is fictitious. It is real to the fact that "thoughts' are mine.

    Anyways, I am good. Thanks to all of you for the wonderful comments.