Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You to Me

With the weather so warm and gracious,
I was walking on the beach,
The waves were dancing and drenching my clothes
I could feel the cold running through me
I carefully lifted my flowing skirt
And continued walking aimlessly,
Then, in a distance not so far
Saw a man like you from the back,
I pursed my lips to the notice,
Felt the warmth of you,
And cursed the distance of your faraway presence
I then felt the difference—
With you and without you
I hugged the few little moments I had with you,
Smiled slyly and whispered to myself, “I love you”
You are beyond my happiness
I wish for the same a zillion times
And a chance to say the same for a life time

P.S, "Love Is Never Easy and Distance Doesn't Make It Any Easier by Any Means but It Does Make You Realize What You Want, What You Need and Most Importantly Realizing That One Person You Don't Mind Missing Because Its the One Person You Cant Live Without"


  1. wonderful....girl and your poems telling stories about your faraway love....makes me miss my own love..:)

    1. i know she is far away from u....soon she will united....

  2. Sort of!

    So sweet of you say that! Miss your girl!

  3. Nice one Yeesi. Beautifully written! Keep going... :)

  4. Thank you Dempen, Aum Lotey and Langa.

  5. Life without love is life without having lived, I read this putative adage in some article. And I think it holds the truth, it is better to pain than not experiencing at all... keep posting.