Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The phone- Yet another distraction

The evening was cold and windy that the goose pumps started to appear on my arms and then my legs. In this cold weather, I was impatiently waiting for the bus to arrive but in vain. I don’t know for how long I have been waiting but it seemed so long. Moreover, I was alone and felt bored. I had no one to talk to despite other people waiting like me. It is boring when you have the classes in the evening and you having to wait for the bus to arrive. So yeah, my class got over at 7:30pm and

I started playing music in my ear and then I was playing game through my phone. Yes, I was winning and defeated my opponent, my phone. Since I was winning, I couldn’t stop playing the game repeatedly. In between the game, I looked far way distance to see the bus coming but it never showed up. Ok! My concentration was too deep to respond the cold and the people around me.
The bus is still not in the scene. I was quite tired playing so I rose by tiring neck just to see the bus closing the door. OMG! I thought this is the 3rd or 4th time the bus is leaving me again. I rushed to the bus with my hair flying in the air and with my cheeks so red. I gave a cheesy smile to the driver and said “Thank you” for opening the door for me. Sigh! I was so relieved I made into the bus and from within, I felt a little embarrassed because the people who was near me outside the bus stop were already into the bus.

This was my night waiting for bus to come and in the process of waiting, I got absorbed in the game and the bus almost left me. If not I might have been waiting for the next bus to reach the Uni Bus Stop. I am not promising I will not play the game again because the phone keep me accompanied and saves my time while I am on the wait. So, I love you my dear phone even if you are some source of distraction.


  1. You see, its not good to get addicted in everything, be it good or bad. What if the bus left you at such an hour, so have a limitation and be cautious, la.

  2. I am way too cautious that I forget what will happen next! Joke!
    Thank you Dear Leo. Sometimes, such memories are moments to share with friends and then share our carelessness. Life is not only about just being perfect but it is through the mischievous mistakes that you learn from it. I hope the bus don't leave me again :))

  3. Haha. Umturang yengpa mo nisho wai? Try being little attentive to what you are waiting for next time than just the music :P It's good that driver opened the door for you. May be your smile helped. If you were a boy, I don't know if he would open. :D kidding. Thanks for sharing your experience here. It was fun and enjoyed reading it dear...keep posting!

  4. Haha! I will be careful, Thanks!

    Keep reading! I like yours too :))