Monday, August 22, 2011

Someone I can call "MY FAMILY"

Apa and my only Angay

Nae Nae Yangden

Nae Nae Chuki

Aunty Nima and Nae Nae Wangmo

Yangchen (Apa's youngest sis)

Nickey (My first cousin)

Namzay (My first cousin)

Yeiong (My first cousin)

Khenwang (CHONO):biggest and the naughtiest of the family

Chungku (Namzay's lil sister and my first cousin again)

Namgay (NOCHU)-Yet another first cousin

Their friendly bro and sissy look if not they are in fights. I miss them so much. Looking at this picture make me realize how much old I have become now.I am reminded of the number of years I have spent after them. SIGH*

with Ama (to the left in black coat)at Mongar. I am daughter of a divorced parents. I love her more than anything in the world. I LOVE YOU no matter what!!!

Finally, this is me with my families in my heart wishing we could stay together forever through thick and thin. There would't be a family without you all. I LOVE YOU ALL my Biggest Family!


  1. Big and Happy family enna. Choe ra de gatey moo teh???

  2. Inn wai. Nga ra di staying with both the families. I am the only sibling of my parents. Unfortunately, I don't have my own bro or sis. So, I belong to all the families with all of them.

  3. Nice one! Thanks for sharing the pics. It's good that you are happy no matter what, after all we all want to be happy. :)

  4. True! It feels good to share about me even if it's not that detailed here. But it describes me and my life.
    Thank you for your comments.

  5. Looking at your father, you are about my daughter's generation yet your literary maturity stands strong among our age... nice going Yeesi.
    It's nice to know that you have put your family in the center of your living...not many young girls do that these days. I wish my daughter would do just that!

    BTW, what is that 7 after Yeesi?

  6. Thank you sir. I wish to remain a loving daughter, sister and friends to all. With time, things change and people learn from it. I hope every youth learns to be better off with themselves and accordingly with the people around them.

    P.S. 7 has been my lucky number since I was a kid. So, I am still stuck with 7 only despite my friends telling me it's a bad luck number. Anyways, I am still with 7 because I can't change it because they told so.