Monday, August 22, 2011

12 Real Things you don't want to miss!

12. When you think about him, your heart skips a beat

11. You will read his text over and again

10. You will walk really slow together

9. You will sometimes pretend to be shy around him

8. By listening to his voice, you will smile for no reason

7. You will wait for hours online just to talk to him even if it is for 5 min

6. You will start to listen to slow meaningful songs

5. He will become all that you really think about

4. You worry about him talking to other girls

3. You think about those three words all day long

2. You will do anything for him

1. While reading this, there was only one person in your mind the whole time, now thats true love

Love is like a rumor, people talk about it but no one really knows what love is. People tend to gossip the facts about love but conversation do not have the actual truth. It is when you are in love that all your saved-up wishes start coming out. When we share our things do not mean we want them to fulfill what we want but because we like to share each and every moment of good and worst. We want to feel one another so deeply and truly that every each second counts when we are together. And I get the best feeling in the world when you say hi to me or even smile because I know for a second, I crossed your mind. You were thinking of me at that particular time. I smile when I see your name in the screen. That is how much you make me feel wonderful and special. I love you for being there with me despite the long distance we bear at the moment. I enjoy your invisible presence. I Love You! Aaah, a love freak today!


  1. What a post! Truly said, Yeshi. But as you said, this happens only in case of true love. :D Thanks for sharing your feelings and emotions of having your loved one in your heart though for his invisibility. Enjoyed reading it! Keep posting. Love Freak.. lol. Take care.

  2. distance makes heart grow fonder,,,...and can there be anyone better than me to understand this thing..:)....anyways...loved your post....

  3. @L.Tenzin,
    Your comment says I am giving my true love..ahem...thanks to you too. I thought I better spill out my young love here...haha...Love is never old but people in love are young to love ;)

    @Sogyel. I bet you got every bit of what is in the note. You can keep it as in a safe deposit of your heart and think of your girl (I know you have one and she is in the same situation as I am in now but doubt the distance, only you can clear it up for me..Winks ).

    Thanks for the visit!

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