Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Love

Ever since you were born,
I stayed with you:
Changing your nappies
Soothing you when you cried
Most of all, giving you my love and care

For a mother, you are the beginning of all thing-
Wonder, hope and a dream of possibilities
But for me, you are angel in my eyes
You make me realize how worthy I am at home,
You make me fill my heart with love that I thought was empty
You make my days longer, nights shorter
I,e the time when your mother was away,
I stayed awake for you
Watched you pass your day with smiles and cries

I don’t want to be a mother to feel the motherhood
I already know what it is like to be one
I am grateful for making me the way I am.
I love you so much that my heart will speak thousands of you
And it will never end until I die.

Love, from your cousin!

P,S, I can't believe my eyes, you all are growing up so fast and standing in front with those same cute little smile and in a dress that will make you "YOU" in future. I love you all!