Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Suffocation

There is a freedom not when you have the right to speak for yourself but when you speak what your heart wants to. Things don't happen as same as we wish to let it occur in our life. This is because people  change with time and everyone is aware of it. Similarly,  work comes along interrupting the present environment and we start to wonder aimlessly. It becomes difficult to push forward our life and memories return with a sad note.

No matter how much my friends and families praise me, I think I am an undefined person with random thoughts like any one. If they good to us, it is because they love you. We sometimes become a prey to darkness and bond with devils. That is exactly how our thoughts are black. We turn blind eye to brighter side ignoring everything possible to make us a normal person.

The suffocation of good and evil loiter around challenging the person inside me. I see my friends and families then I see the devils on the other side. I watch all of them with determination to define myself. As I become intensely weak, I know that no one can help but myself. I raise my head up and pray with my heart and make up my mind to erase everything the is bothering me. Let me tell you, it is not as easy as it seems to let go off whatever is troubling you.

It took me months and years to come back to myself-normal me. Then I could see my closed ones happy and smiling. We are strong because we know there are some people in the world you know that I am there someone and I have someone to live for. Thinking about all the weakness inside me, I felt my strength within and return to being myself but with a new version of myself never to torment myself with evil and just remain strong. Suffocation is just another trouble and we need to overcome through this by ourselves and no one.

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