Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Year That Was

The end of year 2013 marks the beginning of my amazing journey to Motherhood. My darling daughter was born on 16th December 2013 at 11:03pm, a 2.9 kg.
I am writing this blog after 1 year and I still can’t express how great the emotions of excitement, gratitude, fear, stress, and happiness is now.

1 month old

I am officially a mother (Remembering the time when I couldn’t come to terms with this term, “mother”) Funny! ☺

@Wollongong Library

The most amazing journey of my daughter’s first year of life was how much she accomplished in so little time. She went from exclusive breastfeeding to eating adult meal, of course without chilli.
She had an extensive vocabulary at 8 months that she was able to read along with me.
Whenever I read her favourite story book, "New Shoes", she would just calm down. Even to now, she is the same. Now that I have memorised the story, she loves to listen to me telling the story before bedtime, to be specific.

Bumchu getting her ear pierced

The place where she learned to stand up

Her all time Fav Musical Toy Walker

She tested every limit she encountered.
From 7 months, her wild and super funny personality emerged. She started to nod her head up and down when asked, stomped her feet and clapped her hand. Thanks to her favorite toy that she played so repeatedly and eventually got into her head. Now, she will not stop until someone sees her doing it.

On her 1st Birthday

Thankfully, being a mother got easier as days went on. I learned to stop second guessing myself about everything. Most of all, I learned to trust my instincts.
I want to thank my daughter for making the person I am today. Without her, my life is literally going to be empty.  In her, I put my faith, my love, my strength, and my life to make her feel safe and happy.

Happy 2nd Valentine's Day My Baby Girl, Daisy Choetsho Drolma!!! I Love You Unconditionally!

p,s, Thank you Passu Sir for nominating me or should I say, for missing me here at the blog?! :)

Thank you my other good friends for checking out on me. You guys rock. Happy Valentine's Day Everyone. Spread the Love!!!


  1. Welcome back again Yessi! I'm so proud of you! I'm sure your daughter will be very proud of you too for everything that you've gone through in raising her. Hope everything goes smoothly on your side and take care dear! :)

  2. Girl you were so much missed. Finally you made it back. Happy to have you here. And following your motherhood amd your bumchu's journey on IG is a great experience for me. So inspiring, a proud mother you are.

    I hope you are here to stay. :-)

  3. Aww I know. Thank you for being a wonderful friend.
    I am glad I was able to up and close on instag :)
    You will see more of this on my blog now.

  4. Hi Ms. Yeshi (I think I am guessing your name right), it's good to have u back on your blog. It's great that Passu Sir has managed to resurrect u to life again after quite a long silence. Congrads for being gifted with such a lovely girl. U r a lucky mom.... That was the biggest Valentine gift for u. Keep writing and keep sharing your experiences/stories la...

    Take care!


    1. Haha. Yeah. Thank you.
      And you spelled my name correctly :D

  5. Your daughter is adorable. She shares her loveliness with her mother. :)