Thursday, May 10, 2012


I saw you from the Distance
I saw you smiling at me
I figured you came to meet me
Like you would come everyday
I said, ‘How are you?”
You replied, “I will be good when I hear you first.”
As girly as I was,
I hid behind the walls
Lowered my head against the wall
Closed my eyes and waited for you to go
But you waited like an armed soldier
To come out of the Den
And say, ‘I love you too’
My heartbeat increased to the highest
I knew, it was a big step
A promise to trust, and a commitment to make,
I said, “I need another day”
You calmed me down
You hugged me and responded, “OK”
I thought, You are a gentleman
As I loosened myself from your arms
I can see in your eyes
The Vision of us
I am not waiting
For the moment to come
Let it happen today
Because it is going to happen anyways...
Our Brand New Life!


  1. Beauty of love. Composed so well

    1. This is a really beautiful poem and it makes me want to be "lovestruck" too.

      P.S. I think that Zack Efron is very cute too lol

    2. Thank you Sabrina. I am glad you liked Zac Efron :D