Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Not everyone in this world knows about advanced net working site. You must be thinking that only the literate person or the people connected to internet and computers know about such net working site, Twitter.

I thought everyone Is aware of Twitter because I know what twitter is and I know what twitter is meant for. However, today, something amazing and extraordinary happened in my class.

As we were reading few passages from the novel, lecturer suddenly asked the question, “Did you all read the novel?” All of us looked around to each other, smiling, as if we are suppose to give a positive response. Then I saw few of us raised our hands while lecturer replied, “Those who didn’t read the book probably might have been busy partying because this is what I heard from other class” We laughed aloud hearing this and continued with the reading.

Then a girl popped out, ‘Twitter’. She meant to continue the class discussion stating that she read some information related to this novel in the Twitter.
Lecturer promptly responded, “From where?”
The girl said aloud, “TWITTER”.

As the discussion progressed, lecturer hesitantly pronounced ‘twi..twitter, Whatever that is. I am not aware of it’
Upon hearing my lecturer’s statement, I couldn’t believe my ears that he didn’t know about Twitter. I was awestruck!

At first, I felt funny. Then again, I thought, he is a busy man; teaching students, attending meetings, replying mails for students, doing other researches and writing a book. He probably missed the opportunity to connect himself with other people and especially, the net working site.

This was a bit of shocking to know that my lecturer did not know about Twitter. In generations to come, I think I will be in the same situation. Not that I will be busy but that, I will be with an old twitter account rather than with other multiple networking sites to come.

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