Saturday, September 24, 2011

Yes Class, No Rain

There is no worth a day that I can call it a good day because everyday is a war day talking to myself about what I will do next, next and then ends up doing nothing than to lay on my cozy and lazy bed that sincerely puts me to sleep to dream the horrible dream. See, where is light in my life? Bad day, war day, sleep night and horrible dream is all I own. You can never make it right because if you repeat this, it’s is not habit but a choice that you don’t want to choose or you don't want to follow the right way.

Yet, when I slept yesterday evening, I hoped for a better tomorrow because I wanted to be sort of optimistic about whatever happens next with me. It can be anything: a call, sms, plenty or no notifications, cry, smile, regret, talk, blah goes to the extent where you reach at an endless end. Who knows what tomorrow would be like; it could be flowery, windy, rainy, sunny, thundering, stormy or snowy? But for this particular tomorrow, I asked for nothing but to get soaked in the rain. I don’t mind where I am as long as I hear the chap-chap sound of the rain. I don’t mind if I am on my way to the mall, to the beach or to my place, all I want is a few drops of rain. Motherly nature, shower us with few drops of rain. I swear I will get inside the room and then watch you touch the ground from my window. WOW! How amazing?! I don’t wanna take any natural birth; shower bath is sounds imperial and interesting. But wait, have I mentioned about me wanting to eat food or having porridge with Suja, Desis and khabzaeys? Hmmm..No, I didn’t. I didn’t even talked about my families or friends. All I am saying is I am away from all.

However, I see my tomorrow is a crystal clear image of me sitting in the class carrying a junky file in my bag, staring at the yellow heads and the blue eyes. Awww, I miss my Thruebap! But then, I stopped thinking about delicious Thukpa and the decorative Lunch. What disappointed me more is the bright and the sunny day that ran all over my body. Damn the weather! I don't want to be cold, but I WANT RAIN, RAIN, RAIN.


  1. Here we have aplenty of rain and I love it cos as people say "I love walking in the rain cos they don't see me crying".
    May be its not rainy season there. Till then, enjoy the weather and yeah, keep posting la.

  2. Haha, yah...I love rain too but I don't wanna cry and spoil my happy mood.
    Thanks for visiting my post again :D

  3. Happi belated Blessed Rainy Day, here also there was no rain.