Saturday, October 20, 2012

Of Heart

Close your eyes,
Listen to your heart
Love is more than a feeling
More than a promise
More than a word can express

It sees the possibilities
In a glimpse of your face, eyes and heart
Finds you as an ultimate home
Flowers will seem beautiful even in its dryness
To which it will hold the hope of eternity bond

Love is a memory of a smile
Having your feet off the ground
It’s being the best you can be
Heart knows who it wants and
Cherishes what it knows about them

It’s choosing to risk everything you have:
Your pride, your respect, your personals
Because the fate of heart is what you care
It’s of wanting something enough to wait for it
Work for it and defy your pain

Heart endures the irritations
Soothes the hurt it feels
Becomes worth the trouble
Worth the wait
Worth the worry
Worth the fight

Heart sees the good and the beautiful
It sees the miracle of meeting again
By the act of heart
Creates much of what it loves
The moment when all is Yes to what a heart feels
There is no remorse to what your heart feels
Because your heart chose to feel what it felt.


  1. Nice Poem!
    What when there is conflict of heart and head (brain) which often happens frequently?....:).

    1. Thanks!
      This Heart is entirely Subjective-differs from Individual to Individual. I suggest you ask your heart and brain. Sometimes, it goes together and sometimes, it doesn't.

      Thanks for dropping by!

    2. Your posts are nice and interesting, keep it up!,,:)

    3. Thanks again. You are wonderful! :)