Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Fragile Heart

As bright as the evening star
Her heart also glowed with joy
With the presence of love and hope
Nothing else in the world mattered to her
Her feelings saw only the bliss of it
And followed the ultimate, her heart.

Life seemed simpler, livelier and healthier
Surroundings chanced her with happiness
The thought of love gave her butterflies
It was real and magical
It lingered with this temptation
Of love shining on her gracefully

The feeling was uncanny
It was always more then what special could hold
For years, she rejoiced it unconditionally

However, just like flowers decay
Just like the petals weaken
Just like the leaves fall
Her heart was into pieces
Still, nothing else in the world mattered
Because her heart felt nothing but the pain

As vulnerable as she seemed
She covered her face in disbelief
Her knees falling loose on the floor
Her head resting on her knees
She sobbed and cried deeply
And cursed her new living in agony

Her eyes red and wet with tears
Her body numb and warm
Remained seated on the floor,
Still sobbing…

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