Monday, August 20, 2012


Hi Guys,
I grabbed this book, 'The Truth About Confident Presentation' by James O’Rourke from the University library. He talks about how to overcome the fear of speaking in public and how to respond to the audience. I thought this could help me with my presentation in the class and indeed, there are lots of interesting solutions to good presentation.

There are 52 solutions to overcome the fear and present confidently in the public. Of all the important and an amazing 52 tips, I found the 28th and 47th part more fun and interesting.

The Truth, 28th
Keep your audience interested

Provide order and structure
Keep it simple
Keep it brief
Talk, don’t read
Use words they understand
Give some information they can use
Make your speech logical
Make sure your viewpoint is reasonable
Make sure your point is clear
Don’t keep your audience waiting and keep moving
Answer their questions
Allay their fears
Respect their need

The Truth, 47th
Answer the Audience’s Questions

Listen to the question
Pause to think about your answer
Don’t drift off topic
Address the whole audience
Answer questions completely
Don’t make the questioner feel dumb
Don’t dismiss a question as unimportant
Don’t let one person dominate the questioning

I hope the above listed tips assist us in learning about how to win over the heart of our audience and be satisfied with our performance. I have not done any formal public speech yet but I am hoping this helps me with my class presentation for now.



  1. even i read that book which i find is quite innocuous to some morbid thinkers. But, hell! i like it too.

  2. Thumbs up! It is an awful book. Presentation is such a heavy task.