Friday, August 31, 2012

The Friday Event

Not everything in your life goes the way you expect to. And you have to live with it.

Today, as I rushed to attend my regular International Students Workshop, they were discussing about the food available in different countries. I was too excited to share my curry but unfortunately, I couldn’t share it because the room was going to be smelly and I didn’t wanted to spoil the conversation that was flowing in the room. So, my curry sadly lies in my bad and slightly happy that I don't have to cook dinner. Funny!

Anyways, there were two new International students attending the Workshop and one of them had a difficult time understanding the meaning of the word. So,more than half of the time was spent explaining the meaning of words to her. That's when I literally felt sleepy partly because I didn't speak during our conversation and then I stayed awake overnight.

Howsoever, even if we didn’t have a food eating session, I had a good time feeling sleeping and talking about 'feeling sleepy' to my friend.
I am hoping that no such thing happen to me again. Because I like it when things go as planned.

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