Tuesday, September 3, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 2

11. Manicure- I love "painting" my nails with different colours and different designs (if only I could make it look sophisticated). As an amateur in everything I do, I make simple designs that is enough to make me satisfied and happy. You can do the manicure trick with Barbie pins and a toothpick :)

12. Dried Beef- I love it. It is my favourite of all the meat I eat. Just for the information, I eat Chicken and Beef only. Down below is my beef under the process of drying it out. It came out nice and delicious. I missed Bhutan then. Anyways, whatever you do, there is always a reminder, a small tiny-tinny reminder making me miss home.

13. A baby and a puppy- I love to watch them spending their time together-connecting so beautifully without a single trouble of fear between the two. It is incredible and it is totally mesmerising.

14. Accessories - ear-rings, bracelets, necklaces (I like it simple and casual)

15. Reading Freudian Theory- I am a great believer in Freudian

16. Ice- I have a weakness for it.

17. Watch Fashion TV- Miranda Kerr and Montana Cox are my faves. And there are couple of designers that I adore.

18. Listening to Music

19.Playing Dress ups- There is an overwhelming feeling in it. Just take out all the clothes you have and start styling up the way you like. It is so much fun and I do that with my Roomie for fun... :)

20. Volunteering- I love doing a group campaign or any volunteer that comes my way. It teaches me so many things that I didn't know I could and I am glad to be part of International Student Volunteering Program at UOW.