Monday, September 9, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 3

21. Pasta- A meal that satisfies me to the best.

22. My phone- Can't live without it.

23. Lollies- Who doesn't want to chew Lollies. It has no season :)

24. Spicy food- Being a Bhutanese, I can't ignore such food out here.

25. New Hair colours- Well, just brown, and sometimes, 'Blacker' than my normal black one.
The picture below is like one of our family tradition where we do this crazy Mehndi hair coloring session on weekends. Not every weekend though!

26. Coffee- I love and love coffee, especially, Chai Latte. One reason why I am caffeinated and doctor strictly advised me not to drink it so much. Well, I am improved. I take lots of Tea now.

27. Shoes- I love S-H-O-E-E. Who doesn't?!

28. Coca Cola- Another reason I got Gastric :(

29. Window Shopping- My leisure hour spent well.

30. Bathroom Singing- A wonderful place to discover yourself ;)


  1. bathroom singing; i am passionate about! :P

  2. I have recently been addicted to coca cola, God this drink...

    We also have have the mehendi session still :)