Sunday, September 1, 2013

100 things I ❤ - 1

Inspired by Rekha Monger's blog post, I am on my way to exploring some of 100 things I love. I will be posting 10 lists each week and I tell you, I am very excited to explore myself. Here I go;

1. Mom- As Universal and as natural as it is, I love my Mom more than anyone/anything :)

2. Knitting- Very simple ones. So far, I have a collection of Mufflers, caps and headbands. I don't want to say this but I want to share it. Knitting saves you from buying expensive headbands from the stores. It is ridiculously expensive. Whenever I am at the store, I always check the patterns and then later, I knit at home. I am a Happy-go-lucky girl :)

3. Home made Facemask- OMG! I love it. But it is hard to follow regularly and so, sometimes, I forget and it sucks. Anyways, Avocado face mask and Egg white face mask are an absolute genius.

4. Trying out New Shampoo Brands- I love to spoil my hair with different shampoo and conditioners.

5. Watch soap serials- Pretty little Liars. How I met your Mother, Revenge, The vampire Diaries, 2 broke girls and many other. Haha. There is never a free time rather than making yourself free and watch it.

6. Nighties- There is a guilty pleasure in owning nice, cute and sexy nightdresses.

7. Perfumes- No words. I just love collecting new flavours.

8. Smile to a baby- I love kids. So, I do this full of love smile to the random baby I see on the way with their Mom and when they smile back, it just makes my day.

9. Watch the Sunrise and the Sunset- The most soothing Effect.

10. Keep a Diary- or may be a note pad?! It is my favourite and best company. Ever!


  1. Thanks for sharing, Yeshi. Nice to see you back on blog. Readers are on the way to know 100 more things beginning with this and ending with the tenth list. Keep updating. Take care. Hope you are doing fine.

  2. Please read it as 100 more things about you*

  3. Aww, that's so sweet of you to say that. I am super happy to see your comment too :)
    You shall see more of me and know more about me :D


  4. Yay! Way to go girl!

    I love all of these :)

    I haven't tried the avocado face mask.
    And what to say about Vamp Diaries, I loff it :)
    Done with Season 4 few months back :)

    Keep coming with rest 90 of your things you heart. I look forward to it.
    BTW you have been tagged, check out

  5. Yeahhhhh! Count down begins....!
    I am currently going through it; Q & A on Blogging and Blogger’s Tag and it will be up soon.

    Have a lovely weekdays :)