Saturday, June 15, 2013


This month of June has been a very graceful and an auspicious month for me.
For a very long time, whenever I hear about my friends getting married back in Bhutan and not only this, when I also hear them becoming a mommy, it surprised me to the core. I couldn't digest the fact that "My friends" are now happily married.
These marriages and surprises ended when I got invited for a wedding. Then, I started to believe that life does not remain the same as before and it must go on. May be, I didn't realise that, until now...

8th of July, 2013 will be one of my biggest moment of realisation day. HAH!

In another time, marriage not only happened to enlighten me on life, a special audience by HH Dalai Lama at Sydney opened my eyes to the real World. It was a huge gathering with the people from Tibetan community, Mongolian community and finally, Bhutanese Community here in New South Wales.

As we neared towards the destination, I could hear the noises, a group of people with a banner protesting against HH Dalai Lama's Visit in Sydney and also a protest against HH Dalai Lama to stop influencing people with the Buddhist religion. This World is Real. Whatever I read in News, Whatever I saw in you tubes, on News, Newspapers came alive. Cut this crap, I don't care of the protest.

I felt truly blessed upon seeing HH Dalai Lama and listening to the heavenly voice, giving a talk on Buddhism.
Today, 15th of June, 2013 is definitely a day to remember for life.

Only two occasions! These two occasions made me realise the worth of Life.

Home and Away!!! I miss Bhutan but the experience I am going through at this point of my life is worth a time to be away from home and families.
Waiting!!! I don't know what life has stored in for me!!!


  1. Indeed you had many wonderful moments for this month. I also felt jealous of you reading your post . Wish you more of such wonderful moments ahead..:D

  2. Thank you. Wishing you a marvellous day :D

  3. dont worry day u can...

  4. How are you old friend? Wow you got to see the Dalhi Lama, you are so lucky. I wanted to see him too but the tickets were so expensive and I can't believe people protested his visit, seems so silly people protest a man of peace. Well guess what? I'm in Australia too and wanting/missing Bhutan. Bhutan has put my visa on hold until the elections are over and I've been "stuck" in Australia visiting a mate. I don't think that I'm going to get a visa to Bhutan anytime soon and so I will have to go back to the states. I haven't booked a flight yet, but I was thinking that I'm going to leave on Monday from the gold coast. Not too sure yet, but where are you? Sydney? I'm in Toowoomba at the moment. I think that Toowoomba and Sydney are very far away but how far is the gold coast and Sydney? I would like to see you.

    Lots of love from just hours away from you lol

    Sabrina not in Bhutan lol

    1. whoops I meant Dalai (what a typo lol)

  5. Nothing endures but change - I think that's how the saying goes. It is true! Hope you are enjoying your week! :)

  6. I don't read much.i only read my Brother's blog(passu Diary) .its my first time going through others blog... but your blog makes me read...thanks and keep up