Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Couple

The summer of love was beautiful:
Two young lovers, aged 22-26
Journeyed the city of love
With marriage and commitment
Promising never to leave each other again
As second chance in love comes so rarely
Young in love, and pure in heart
Decided to start a fresh beginning:
A new vow, a new joy, a new life
Therefore, with heart to heart,
they vowed to be together
Making up to one another’s choices
And choosing to live a Greater life: full of life
For a loving couple like them,
Who is ready to amend the past
Willing to sacrifice for one another
Saw a greater vision in love
To love again is what measured their strength
Hail to those lovers
Who are back to falling in love
Who are beginning to see the rise of sunshine together
Smile with sleep and wake up in smile
As there is someone close, holding you heart in peace.


  1. If we followed in right direction love will lead towards undreamed..... and if go in wrong direction its most painful