Sunday, May 5, 2013

In Your Name

Your name is the reminder
I want to forget for life
It’s your name, that’s my enemy:

Your name fetches me love
Your name warms my heart
Your name gives me joy
Your name fills me with laughter
Your name completes me

No matter the pleasant life
I can never forgive myself
For I have lost the man I loved
And the wounds won’t go away
Until your name is off my chest

You are becoming the reason
I want to forget my worthiness
The fact that you are not mine
Is in the name I remember

Of a man I dearly loved
That I cannot love like this again
It’s in a blink of your name
I breathe my love for you

It’s in your name, that’s my enemy


  1. An update after such a long break from your blog. A sad but nice poem, Yeshi. Missed your updates. I hope you are not planning another sojourn by the way. Keep updating! :)

  2. Haha. Nothing of a sort but Thank you Langa. This is my 3rd post after a very long break and I am feeling overwhelmed!
    Good to see you too.