Monday, March 3, 2014

Celebrating the New Year 2014

What a perfect day to start writing on my blog. Today's Buddhist New Year is a special day for all the Bhutanese people. This is the time where families and friends gather to celebrate the day by eating delicious meal, drinking and playing games.

Losar as we call it , is mostly observed at home with families and friends. Some go to temple for prayers on this occasion while some go out with friends as an additional fun on Losar. Correct me if I am wrong, men go out to play Archery on Losar to mark the day.

I probably am missing quite a lot of fun there in Bhutan. Howsoever, we had a small gathering at one of Ph.D families house. We say that if there is something/someone missing in your life, there is always another person that fills up the gap. So yeah, the small Wollongong family filled my day.

The days went by with each one of us preparing a different curry for lunch. Man of the house cooked mushroom with Datsi and soup. A guy friend prepared Ezay for Momo that was already cooked on the previous day. Another friend cooked fried beef with Sag. Lastly, I had my task cooking Chicken. I must say, all the curries were delicious. The smell of the curries was taking me to heaven because the chilli was from Bhutan. The aroma of Chilli is different. I like Bhutan's chilli :)

Well, we didn't really have anything planned for the day except for going to Mt. Keira (Wollongong). Actually, our plan to go to Mt. Keira for Picnic was ruined because of the rain. Although, we made it there after the sky got cleared. Lucky eh!

Well, this year's Losar is a celebration of remembrance and renewal for me. I have been away from my home country for almost two and half years now. I have missed my friends who left to Bhutan and who are in Bhutan. Now with new friends, it is just another moment to share my Losar with. This is just the beginning of another year and I shall have many more years to celebrate the day.

HAPPY LOSAR. I hope everyone had a wonderful and a memorable one.


  1. Though far away from home, you could celebrate the losar. It's very much impressive. I hope this losar has lots to offer you guys. Keep having fun and keep blogging.

  2. Awe I know how it feels when you get a bit homesick. I can sympathize with your heart. But you are very lucky to have new friends and new memories. Enjoy Australia because when you get back to Bhutan, there will be some things you might start missing in Australia lol. It was the same for me. When I was in Bhutan sometimes I missed something from back home, but once I got to my home country, I missed everything about Bhutan lol. xoxo